Breaking Ground

Jeff on site 2_24.jpg

It's exciting to finally get construction started on Joslyn Oasis.  Watching the city of Burbank's demolition crews tear up the old concrete to make way for the new garden and recreation space gives me a tremendous sense of pride as the project manager and as a member of Leadership Burbank's Class of 2014.  But the feeling is also bittersweet. 

The idea to improve this unused area of the Joslyn Adult Center was inspired by the memory of my mother.  Before she passed away several years ago, the one thing she really loved to do was to go to her senior center in the Antelope Valley. She would get her hair done on Saturday, and go to the center on Tuesday (if she couldn't get her hair done, there was no way she would go to the center!).  To her, the center was an oasis - a home away from home where she would attend luncheons and special events, and, more importantly, play bridge with her friends.

As a firefighter for the city of Burbank, I see on a daily basis many of the community's adults wanting and needing that same kind of connection. The Joslyn Adult Center gives them a nice, safe place to do that.  

When I found out the center's shuffle board area hadn't been used in many years, I realized that turning it into a recreation and garden area would give the participants a new way to visit with friends, participate in activities, and just enjoy the outdoors.  When I proposed this idea to our Leadership Burbank class, I saw it as a way to honor not only our own mothers and fathers, but the moms and dads of this great community.  

Once the city crews have finished the concrete demolition, our class members and various volunteers from the community will get to work on painting, planting, and installing the new walkways and turf area.  To the folks who use the center: we apologize for any inconvenience the construction may be during your visits. We can assure you in the end, it will all be worth it!