Working Hard

Ground breaking is underway and we're already off to a good start. Our first weekend working on-site at the Joslyn Oasis was dedicated to cleaning up the project site. There was a lot of green waste to be picked up (we've never seen so many pine needles!), and old materials from the previous structure to be disposed of. Everyone chipped in with a rake or a bag in-hand so that we could get to the next phase of work: spraying the layout of the underground utilities and irrigation, then digging the trenches for the irrigation to be installed, all under the expert guidance of class member Kevin Mitchell. The milestones we hit (literally and figuratively) while digging the trenches gave us all new-found respect for the physical labor and commitment that goes into a project like this.  

Did you know? The Joslyn Oasis irrigation system will use reclaimed water. 

Another important task, spear-headed by Burbank’s own director of elementary education, Tom Kissinger, was painting the pergolas that will remain part of the Joslyn Center Project. While one group was shoveling and picking up the soil, we had another group with paint brushes and rollers in-hand tackling the painting. Tom was so dedicated to getting the painting done, he donated his personal paint sprayer in efforts to be efficient and produce a great quality finish.

Next up...planting!